We are are compelled by what humans can be and do when they are at their best:
peaceful, inquisitive, expressive and creative.

But, modern living doesn’t stimulate or nourish the body in the way for which it evolved. Conveniences and comforts, tools and tasks have made our physiques obsolete and produced an imbalance to our functioning that fails to exercise certain vital functions while overexercising others. From this imbalance arises the so-called “diseases of civilization”. We asked ourselves: “Is there a way to stimulate the conditioning to simulate the conditions necessary for optimal natural functioning?” Over the past 20 years of studying the needs of people who push their minds and bodies to the limit – from athletes to performers, executives and those recovering from stress and illness – we’ve developed a method of training to achieve a natural foundation for optimal performance, health, happiness and longevity.

Fitness for Higher Life